Pregnancy Gift Box

Staff Picks: The 15 Gifts for Pregnant Mamas

Growing a little human inside of you is hard work. As our mom crush Ali Wong once famously said, “I am not doing jack s*** anymore, I’m busy making an eyeball!”
So yes, we bow down to all mamas-to-be. Which is why this holiday season, we decided that our prego mama friends deserved some EXTRA love. Suffice to say, we went a lil’ nuts on gifting. Below is a list of what made it into the box— a cornucopia of some of our fave gifts for expectant mamas. From eye masks to undies— for those “uh-ho” moments on the treadmill post-baby— to natural facial oil, we’ve got you covered. You deserve the best, mama.

Sant and Abel Eye Mask  – For Those Extra 15 Minutes 

Why We Love It: This pure cotton eye mask is lined with pink charmeuse, making it irresistibly soft and luxurious. This mask is exactly what you need to escape into a few extra minutes of zzz’s. $45

Melissa C.


Monica & Andy Blanket – For Delicious Cuddles

Why We Love It: Made with an organic cotton and Lycra blend, this blanket is just as soft as your baby’s skin. Yup, you heard us correctly. Finally a blanket that’s as gentle on your baby’s skin as it should be. This makes nap time with baby truly delicious. Conscious clothing never felt so good. $38

Markie P.

Icon Undies – For the “Uh-Oh” Moments Nobody Told You About

Why We Love It: File this under the things they don’t tell but really should when you learn about the miracle of life. After pregnancy, you’ll learn to appreciate the things you once took for granted. Little things— like say, the ability to control when/where you urinate. These “uh-oh” moments will make you thankful that undies like these exist. Their lining is slim but ultra absorbent; so no matter where you are, you’ll feel like a worry-free VIPee. Ha, see what I did there? $28-$39

Cynthia K.

Sincerely So Bracelet – For That Bling Life

Why We Love It: We understand life as an on-the-go mama, which is why we love this durable yet dainty bracelet made of 14k gold from Sincerely So. It’s versatile, pairing perfectly with pajamas or a LBD. Because being busy doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice the little luxuries that still make you feel good ’round the clock. $60

Cynthia K.

Roseview Fussy Baby Oil – For Those I-Will-Literally-Do-Anything-to-Soothe-This-Baby Moments 

Why We Love It: Made with lavender, Roman chamomile and coconut oil, Roseview’s Fussy Baby Oil is perfect for soothing your fussy baby naturally. That means a happy, calm baby and more zzz’s for mama. $30.

Sali U. 

Yumi Canvas Tote – For the Schlep

Why We Love It: Keep it all together with our Yumi canvas tote. For farmers markets, for barre class, or those moments when compartments just feel like too much. You can never have enough bags for outings with baby. $25.

Jane S.

Boob Food – Nursing Tea – For That Milk-Makin’

Why We Love It: I just gave birth a couple months ago, so this is my everything right now. Dani Kenney’s 100% organic nursing tea is made with nettle leaf, red rooibos, red raspberry leaf, fennel seed, lemon balm, fenugreek seed, alfalfa leaf, marshmallow root, rosehips, anise seed, and stevia leaf. It actually tastes amazing— and it nourishes the body. Because when you’re a nursing mama, you need as much nourishment as you can get. I’m chugging this all day, every day.  $18.

Sali U.

Canyon Coffee (Decaf) – For that Cup-of-Me Time

Why We Love It: So, I obviously can’t speak to “boob food.” But I do know my coffee. Founded by Ally Walsh and Casey Wojtalewicz, Canyon Coffee is roasted to perfection right here in LA. We had one cup and we were instantly hooked. Give expectant moms in your life their decaf blend, so they can satisfy their coffee cravings without all the caffeine. $18

Kyle K.

True Botanicals Hydrating Face Oil – For that Face-Before-Baby Face

Why We Love It: True Botanicals is one of our all-time favorites. Made with 100% natural products, not only is everything extremely high quality, but it leaves our skin feeling as soft as a baby’s bottom. No waxes, no fillers, just the good stuff— green tea seed oil, hemp seed oil, red raspberry seed oil, chia seed oil, jojoba seed oil. We are sticklers for what we put on our bodies and our babies’ bodies during this time, and True Botanicals is a name we can trust. A $74.

Cynthia K. 

Olive & June Gift Card – For Rihanna-Worthy Nail Art

Why We Love It: Founded by LA native, Sarah Gibson Tuttle, Olive & June reinvents and elevates the nail salon experience. Decked out with chic leather chairs and luscious interiors, prepare for a mani-pedi like you’ve never experienced before. Sarah is also a force, this is a brand to watch. Get a gift card worth $25-$500.

Angela S. 

Tilden Gift Card – For Everything But Mom Jeans 

 Why We Love It: Tilden is all about making clothes for the modern mama. Like us, they believe that pregnancy is no reason to dress in clothes you would never ever wear under normal conditions. Pregnancy alters your body not your sense of design and style— so why has “maternity wear” been defined by “meh” shapes and patterns? Tilden is here to prove that you can feel effortlessly chic and comfortable all at the same time. Their blog is also pretty dope. $200 gift card.

Evelyn R.

Yumi Gift Card – For The Ultimate Baby Nom Noms

Why We Love It: We may be horribly biased, but this is the perfect gift to give an expectant mama. Cooking all the time is hard work, so help them out by giving them a gift card for our fresh, organic baby food, and we’ll deliver it right to their door. It’ll save them countless HOURS every week and with more than 50 flavors and seasonal ingredients (we’re always mixing it up), it’s prepared baby food they’ll actually feel really good about. And yes, I eat it all the time.

Evelyn R.

Gryph and IvyRose Body Wash – For Gentle Sudsing

Why We Love It: Calming and soothing, Gryph and Ivyrose’s Body Wash is made with tremella, wild chrysanthemum, and Irish moss. Its gentle formula makes it perfect for even the most sensitive skin. And did we mention the smell? Dreamy. $29.

Markie P. 

Lather Bamboo Lemongrass Foaming Body Scrub – For That Shower You May Or May Not Take Every Day 

Why We Love It: Made with exfoliating bamboo powder, this truly delicious body scrub will wash away all that blah, dead skin, leaving you feeling refreshed for days. Because let’s be honest, showering every day can be a luxury when you’re a mama so you may as well make the most of the few that you’re able to sneak in every week. $39

Chelsea H.

Ranavat Hair Serum – For Wonder Woman Locks

Why We Love It: Made with certified organic sunflower oil, organic jasmine oil and organic Amla extract, Ranavat’s Hair Serum is perfect for giving your hair that extra boost it needs. We love running this through our hair after a quick shower, or better yet, a soothing bath. $55

Alix L. 

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