A Doula’s Recipe for Sleepy Time Tea

It’s hard to imagine how precious a commodity sleep is before you have a child. The all nighters pulled in college have nothing on the long term sleep deprivation that often accompanies raising a tiny human. (Read: infant sleep is a $325 million dollar industry!)  Even if you are blessed with an incredible snoozer, there will be unavoidable periods of teething, developmental milestones, and bad dreams that will disrupt even the soundest sleepers. And at some point though, everyone including your little night owl need some deep restorative sleep.

Holy Basil
Linden Leaf
Lemon Balm
Passion Flower

Enter: sleepy time tea. This tea is dubbed “mommy juice” in my house because it’s not only great for bedtime, but it helps relax and restore a “fried” nervous system (which often comes from raising a tiny person) healing the body on a cellular level from deep stress. AKA will help you chill out.

The beauty of this tea is the ingredients are effective enough for an adult, yet gentle enough for a child. Taken around bed time it will not make you drowsy, but rather will help relax you enough to allow for deep restorative sleep. If you are breastfeeding this tea will provide safe levels of relaxation through your milk to your little one. Given to your child it will help lull them into a deep and sound sleep and wake feeling rested and refreshed!

Sleepy Time Tea

Because every parent knows how truly precious sleep is.


1 Tb Linden

1 Tb Passionflower

1 Tb Skullcap

1 tsp Holy Basil or Tulsi

1 tsp Lemon Balm

1 tsp Lavender


  1. Combine the herbs into a bowl and store in an airtight glass jar.
  2. To serve, add 2 tsp of herb to your tea ball or muslin reusable tea bag, and pour 2 cups of boiling water on top.
  3. Let steep for 15-20 minutes.


***This recipe makes 6 servings of tea.

***For children, you can add mint and/or honey to taste. Simply omit the honey if your child is under the age of 1.




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