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A Nutritionist’s 5 Tips for Avoiding Overly Sugary Holidays

How do you plan to keep your little one healthy this holiday season?

The holidays look different this year, but holiday foods look quite like same. Treats and sweets, pies and potatoes; over next few weeks we’re set to carbo-load and slink into food comas. But, considering sugar addiction is real and begins early, keeping the sugary foods out of baby’s grasp is important, even over the holiday months.  

Still, the holidays are a time for great joy and tables full of delicious food, so we tapped the brilliant mind of Mia Rigden, MS, CNS, and the the founder of the Rasa to share her 5 quick tips for keeping the holidays healthy (and possibly, free from sugar high tantrum meltdowns). 

5 Ways to Keep Your Baby Away From Sweets This Holiday Season


Make breakfast and lunch extra nutritious with lots of veggies, protein and healthy fats, and if there will be a huge family feast, replete with pies and the like, be sure to have healthy balanced food on hand for your littles. Additionally, the timing of family meals can be difficult for little ones. If the meal begins at 2pm, but your baby is on a 12pm lunch schedule, make sure you there are healthy snack options for the littles.


Make your own sweets! Homemade treats can still be fun, delicious and sweet without additives, processed oils and added sugars. You can the kids involved in the baking process too (try my chocolate peanut butter bon bons).


In addition to sweets, make some festive savory foods. A quick google search will give you plenty of ideas for pumpkin fries, pumpkin hummus, and more! 


Prior to sitting down for a big meal, try and first find time to be active. There’s a reason why pre-turkey football games are popular amongst adults. Engage your tot in some afternoon snow play or a living room dance party. The more they move, the better they will feel post meal. 


Thanksgiving ends on Thanksgiving. Same with other seasonal holidays. Your children need boundaries in real life, and the same is true for pre-and-post holiday gatherings.  Delicious, nutritious leftovers are wonderful, but there’s no need to have Pumpkin Pie with whipped cream for breakfast.

!!And remember, enjoy yourself.  Don’t let perfect be the enemy of good this holiday season!! 

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