Yumi box

How To Recycle Your Yumi Box

Just as much as we care about giving babies the best, we care about creating a better world for them to grow up in. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to only work with suppliers who provide materials that are recyclable, compostable and reusable.

We broke down how to recycle your box and we encourage everyone to do so!

The Box, Tray & Jars

Recyclable, Reusable   

Our boxes, trays and jars are 100% curbside recyclable. Simply breakdown the box and tray, lick the jars clean and kick it to the curb. If your town doesn’t have curbside recycle, you can look one up using this site

*Tip: If baby doesn’t finish the yummy food for whatever reason, feel free to compost. It’s also pretty simple to contact a local farm, or do a search for a compost center near you.

The Insulation


We like to keep things cool naturally. Our insulation is made from recycled jute coffee bags and raw cotton; this insulation is tightly woven together to keep your ingredients nice and cold.

The Gel Packs

Reusable, Recyclable

Our gel packs are nontoxic and noncaustic, so feel free to reuse them for beach trips or weekend picnics. (We made them especially cute with our signature watermelon print to encourage you to reuse them or share them with friends!)

You can also easily dispose of them. Just cut one corner of the bag, empty the gel content into the trash (not down sink or toilet), rinse out the plastic and curbside recycle – voila!

Let’s build a healthier generation together