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I can barely maintain a regular skin care routine. However, Lauren Wolk-Goldfaden manages that plus a busy household with two toddlers and a top executive role for Goldfaden M.D., a premiere all-natural skincare line.

If you’ve ever heard of Goldfaden— which is a name you should know if you like to nerd out on premium skincare products like we do— you probably have Lauren to thank. The VP of Sales is behind Goldfaden’s buzz, and its growing army of ardent fans who swear by its scrubs and serums. For Lauren, building a brand comes second nature; she worked for many years at renowned advertising firm Crispin Porter & Bogusky, where she helped brands like Coca-Cola, Volkswagen and Method.

After working for mega brands, Lauren decided to marry her passion for skincare with her professional life by going full tilt into Goldfaden M.D. in 2008. The company was founded by Dr. Gary Goldfaden, a practicing dermatologist of over 40 years— who also happens to be Lauren’s now father-in-law. We managed to steal her away for a few minutes to chat about motherhood, and how she keeps haters out of her life.

What has been your most embarrassing motherhood moment?

WET, leaking milk marks, on my shirt during a meeting! Oh the joys of breastfeeding…

Fill in the blank. Motherhood is ___

Equally fulfilling and challenging in every aspect all at the same time.

What makes you feel like a good mom?

When I see smiles on my kids’ faces. It brings me the most joy of all because there are hard moments every day and to be able to rise above them (I am talking about melt downs, falls, spills, accidents, etc.) to see them happy if the greatest gift of all.

How long after giving birth, did you start having sex again?

About 3 months, but it wasn’t until about 6 months until I started to enjoy having sex without any discomfort whatsoever.

Have you ever been mom-shamed? Share your best-worst experience:

I think this comes with the territory of being a mom and people often share their unsolicited advice and/or opinions unconsciously, including family. I am a working mom and I am so proud of that, but I have to travel often and far.
A very typical question is “don’t you feel guilty leaving your kids? (sometimes followed by “I could never do that”) Do you feel like you are missing out?”

The answer is simple: Of course I do, that’s a given, but I am so passionate about bringing cleaner beauty to consumers globally (via Goldfaden MD) and I love what I do and I shut work off 100% when I am with my kids. I am there for them always and forever and they know that.

I’ve also learned that it’s so important to surround yourself with a community of people including women who support one another rather than judge because there is really no “right” or “wrong”. It’s all about what works for YOUR family!

Has becoming a mom impacted your career? If so, how?

Yes, absolutely; it’s all about time management. I have learned to be laser focused on work when I am working and also to shut it off completely when I am with my kids. I stick to a pretty regimented work hour schedule! I was one to be working 24/7 pre-kids, so this has been a major adjustment for me, but ultimately it has made me become more efficient and resourceful.

If you had 30 extra minutes a day, what would you do with them?

Workout; it’s my therapy!

What did you think you wanted in a partner before? And how has that changed?

Love + companionship in it’s true form and post-kids, both partners really need to come to the table with support in every form – physically + emotionally + fundamentally – because caring for a little human changes all the pre-existing rules!

Which superpower do you wish you had?

To fly.

What’s your biggest fear as a parent?

To have my children in a dangerous situation. We spend every waking moment as parents worried and aware of our children’s safety (both physically and emotionally). I know that I can’t safeguard them from everything in life, but I want to make sure that they grow up in a safe environment and also learn how to pave a safe path in life for themselves too.

What were your runner-up baby names?

Remi (for my daughter, Celine) and Jake (runner up for my son, Liam)

What is the one lesson your parents taught you, that you’ll pass on to your kids?

Manners in every form; it’s something that we take very seriously in our house!

What annoying/embarrassing thing did your parents do to you, that you will undoubtedly do to your child?

Kisses…all over and I will also do until they are out of the house!

Draw what you look like on an average morning:

Draw a picture of what your boobs felt like post-birth:

Draw a picture of what they feel like now:

What time did you wake up today?


What’s the last thing you ate (snack, meal, anything) and when?

Dark Chocolate; it’s a night time ritual!

What would you put in a time capsule for your baby to open on their 21st birthday?

Baby cuddles with kisses. Nothing is sweeter.

What do you value most (after your children, of course)?

Time alone with my husband.

Fill in the blank. Breastfeeding is like ___

At first…like a dinosaur attacking your nipple. The pain can be almost unbearable. Then a relief (especially when you are engorged) and then the bond starts to form. It’s totally magical.

What’s your favorite baby-care shortcut/life hack?

Night time double diaper, snacks + wipes on hand…at all times!

When was the last time you showered?

Last night.

What’s your favorite indulgence?

Mani/Pedi with an extra foot massage. It totally recharges me and makes me feel “put together”.

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