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The Artist & Mama Behind The New: DH X Yumi Blanket

Dana Haim is a triple threat –  an artist, small business owner, and a mama. Dana studied textile design at the Rhode Island School of Design, where her focus was on weaving, silk screening, and machine knitting. Many of Dana’s designs draw inspiration from her Colombian-American heritage, as well as her travels to other Spanish-speaking countries like Guatemala and Mexico. Her designs are bright, warm and often geometric – her pom-pom pieces made waves in the design world in 2014. Today, Dana’s brand is her own name – visit her site and you’ll find a gorgeous collection of rugs, blankets, pillows and napkins. We’re obsessed with Dana’s work and want one of everything she makes for our homes.

We recently collaborated with Dana to create the DH x Yumi Blanket – a collaboration that Dana says was inspired “by everything from the moment that I opened up the first package”.

In addition to this gorgeous collaboration, Dana took a moment to chat with us on all things pertaining to color, travel, design and of course motherhood.

You’re an extremely talented artist and textile designer (we just love everything you do!) – what inspires your designs? 

Wow, thank you so much! That’s incredibly nice to hear. I am a big fan of Yumi as well. I always find myself most inspired when I am engaged with the world, usually traveling somewhere new or immersed in nature in some way. I seem to notice and observe things more acutely when I am taken out of my comfort zone. I also love getting my hands on something meditative like simple pencil drawing, watercolors, ceramics, or tapestry weaving. These types of things calm my busy mind and allow things to flow through me.Related: Stuck at Home? The Ultimate List of Indoor Activities for Babies and Toddlers(Opens in a new browser tab)

What’s your favorite part about your collab with us? 🙂

I really enjoyed this process a lot. First of all, the art direction and vibe at Yumi is so spot on and cute, I was immediately inspired by everything from the moment that I opened up the first package you sent me. It was so much fun to have clear parameters to work within. Sometimes when designing new products, things can be quite overwhelming because you have an unlimited amount of possibility.  Having a limited palette, clear guidelines, restraints, or directions to work within, can be very liberating and opens you up to try out lots of things within those constraints. Working with Yumi provided me with this type of system which was a great creative challenge. I also love aligning myself with brands who are doing things that I believe in, and having tested your product on Orion and seeing his reactions to everything he tasted, I was delighted to create something special for you.

Like you, many of us at Yumi started on the east coast and now live on the west coast. How did you find the transition from east to west, and what’s your favorite part about living in California? 

This is a loaded one. I still feel a big part of my heart is back East, most of my friends and family are still there and every time I get to NY, I still feel like I am home. Having said this, I love living in California. I feel a sense of peace and respite having slowed down a bit, incredible access to sprawling landscapes, and gorgeous food. I feel connected to a wonderful group of women and mothers that have welcomed me with open arms and made this transition a lot less intimidating. I am excited about being somewhere new and having the opportunity to show my boy the beautiful bounty of this gorgeous state. He loves being outside as much as we do, so this feels like it was the right move for him.

Balancing being a small business owner and being a mom is no easy feat! What lessons have you learned along the way that you hope to instill in your son? 

To be honest, this is all still very new for me and I am only just starting to get my bearings again with my work. I think it is different for everyone and for some women this comes easier than others and life circumstances determine how smooth this balance plays out. I was very committed to being fully present with my baby in his first year, which left little time for work. Fortunately, I was able to take the time I needed for this and was able to find times to squeeze work in when I could and batch projects when necessary. It’s all still up in the air and I am still figuring everything out as I go. I take it one day at a time and am still working tirelessly on finding new, more organized and efficient systems to manage both parenting and my business. You are right that it is not an easy feat. I am hoping though with time, I will find solutions to make this transition easier. I have learned that I cannot do it all, that it’s ok to ask for help, and its’ ok to take a break if you can.  Having hustled in NYC for so long and trained myself to work basically 24/7 it was tough for me to let go of that non-stop work mode, but in order to be the type of mom I wanted to be, I understood in my pregnancy, that it was time to take a moment for myself and for my family. It was a deep surrendering and humbling that was challenging for me to accept, but I am glad I listened to that instinct and have been able to give him what I believe he  and I both needed. I have also learned that there is a time and place for everything, and to succumb certain aspects of myself for this moment for the sake of peace of mind. I hope to teach him the value of having passions in life and a strong work ethic, that he can do whatever he wants and the world is a wide open place for him to achieve anything he sets his mind to.Related: Talk More: Why This VC Has Zero Tolerance for Mom-Shaming(Opens in a new browser tab)What time did you wake up today? 

5 am and then 7:30 am, I have jet lag right now.

What can you not go a single day without? 

Delicious Orion snuggles.

When it’s just you and your son  – what’s the most embarrassing thing you could be caught doing? 

Singing him really weird songs I make up and preforming strange unchoreographed dances for him that crack him up.

What’s your favorite indulgence? 

Fresh baked cookies, a long hot bath at the end of the day, sleeping in.

What do you wish people told you about motherhood? 

That you give away 100% percent of yourself. However, what you get in return is 1,000x better than what you can ever imagine.

What makes you feel like a good mom? 

When I hear my baby laugh or see his face after he hasn’t seen me for a few hours and I understand how deep his love for me is from that one glimpse.

How has your relationship with your partner changed since becoming a mom? 

We have continued to grow closer and closer and this new bond of sharing a child stretches our bond beyond anything I could have ever understood. The love is so much deeper physically and emotionally. My gratitude and appreciation for him has also grown exponentially, not because he is a hands on dad, because I think all dads should be hands on, but because he is such a supportive and loving partner and father who tries so hard everyday to make both me and the baby as happy as can be and it’s the sweetest thing to witness. I feel all googly eyed when I talk about him now because he has shown me this new side of himself that has made me fall in love all over again, as cheesy as that sounds. Of course there are struggles too, and parenting together can be difficult and stressful and cause fights from lack of sleep, but luckily for us the challenges presented to us daily eventually bring us closer and we tend to be on the same page about a lot of things.

If you had 30 extra minutes a day, what would you do with them? 

This is a boring answer, but I’m still a new-ish mom, so sleep! Or meditate more.

Which superpower do you wish you had? 


What do you value most (after your child, of course)?

Family in general and creative time to myself.

What’s your favorite baby-care shortcut/life hack? 

This may seem like an obvious one, but it took me a minute to get it just right. I layer his sleep sack then pajamas then diapers on the change table so that when he gets out of the bath I have everything ready and don’t need to lift him at all to get him ready for bed.

What are your routines with your son that involve food? 

I love cooking for my boy. I am so grateful that he truly is a wonderful eater who savors food like an adult, so its so much fun to watch him enjoy the things I make for him. He particularly loves orecchiette with kale, garlic, fresh cherry tomatoes, and Parmigiano Reggiano and any fruit. We also like taking him to the farmers market every Sunday where he gets fresh El Salvadorian pupusas.

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